The company's culture consists of a set of beliefs and principles shared by its founder, plus the technological background and learning of its employees.

We are guided by the purpose of always being at the forefront of knowledge, developing products and solutions that add value to the businesses of our partners and customers.

Our differential is the people who, through their skills and competences, make the organization a cohesive group engaged with its strategic objective.

Our ethics are based on the practice of a transparent and lasting relationship, guaranteed through efficient and highly reliable assistance.


Equity and the balanced consumption of raw materials and inputs necessary for our activities constitute a mandatory provision of the company in order to guarantee a responsible operation from a socio-environmental perspective.

Part of this policy becomes reality through the conscientious use of non-renewable natural resources, which allows us to effectively contribute to environmental protection.

On the other hand, we continue to work towards improving energy efficiency and development, encouraging actions based on alternative energy sources and reducing the use of natural resources.

For this, we mobilized our internal and external communication system aimed at disseminating and exchanging information, as well as the permanent search for participatory solutions, understanding that the effectiveness of management depends on the commitment and engagement of all employees.


We operate with a focus on supplying products that meet the needs and expectations of our customers, developed through a productive and technological infrastructure that ensure quality, process agility and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Conformity with these principles is achieved through continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, enabling the development of innovative solutions suited to market demands.

For this, we pursue the pursuit of excellence anchored in the competence of employees, in the dissemination and correct application of technical-scientific and organizational knowledge, to achieve the organization's economic and strategic objectives.

By mobilizing these competences and skills, we achieved a solid cost/benefit ratio, adequate to the competitiveness expectations of the production chain and the achievement of our sustainable growth strategy.


The good performance of our business depends not only on technical and managerial expertise, but, above all, on good relational practices and an organizational climate that ensures the well-being, satisfaction and motivation of our stakeholders.

We understand that in order to carry out their activities collaboratively, employees, service providers and suppliers need to be sure about preventing impacts from aspects related to safety, occupational health and the environment.

We are committed to creating and maintaining rules and standards of conduct that contribute to preventing risks both to operational stability and to the physical and human integrity of our partners, even surpassing the relevant legal and regulatory requirements.



Offer customized and reliable technological solutions, in innovative and quality inputs, in the areas of steel and foundry, which meet the process needs of customers and the objectives and goals of the company.


To be a reference in the supply of products, in the steel and foundry market, providing resources and solutions that result in better results, aligned with the objectives and business of the company, customers and suppliers.


  • Focus on the customer – knowing and meeting their needs with excellence.
  • Technological solutions – add value to customers' businesses and internal processes.
  • Search for results – effectively contribute to achieving established goals.
  • Organizational environment – that prioritizes the search for security, integrity, respect and trust between people.
  • Quality in all actions – doing it right, exceeding stakeholder expectations.